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BIO-AG Nutrient Solutions Inc.
... manufacturers of biologically-active soil and plant materials, offers a full line of biologically active soil and foliar materials. Custom blending available.

NOP Listed
WSDA Listed

K-ZYME 0-0-6
Sea-Zyme 0.2 o.1 5.0
Soil Food Organic 1.5 1.5 2.5

Organic Approved Products


Bio-Ag Nutrient Solutions believes that a healthy plant with balanced nutrition is the first major step in pest and disease resistance. With this thought in mind, Bio Ag Nutrient Solutions Inc. manufactures and distributes these important plant and soil amendments:

K-Zyme is a biostimulant composed of plant and non-plant enzymes. This unique foliar amendment promotes flower set, increases carbohydrates and protective proteins, and aids in overall plant vigor.  K-Zyme used at various key points in the growth cycle of plants will augment the natural process of growth, fruiting, size, color, and storage, and provide natural enzymes and nutrition for a healthy plant.  More about K-Zyme ...

Earth-Hume (10% liquid humus) is food for soil microbes and plants. Humus is one of the most important factors which regulate the release of nutrients to the plant. It is well known that liquid humus enhances many vital processes in plants and in the soil (i.e. - absorption, C.E.C., sugar, photosynthesis, evaporation, and growth).  More about Earth-Hume ...

Soil Food Organic is a natural carbon complex and organic protein which also contains plant and non-plant enzymes and essential amino acids. Soil food helps to build and stabilize the soil so that the major and minor elements are easily absorbed by plants.  More about Soil Food Organic ...

Sea-Tyme Seaweed Extract is derived from fresh Ascophyllum nodosum. Sea-Tyme contains many growth hormones. Sea-Tyme can be used as a foliar or soil amendment, it increases cell division, cell size, and stimulates overall plant growth.  Sea-Tyme can be used on ornamentals, turf, fruit trees, vines, and vegetables.  More about Sea-Tyme ...